Journey Time

 IMG_1940Never in my life have I travelled so much like this year. My present designation as the Education consultant or rather specialist of Tibetan Fund entitled me to make frequent visits to neighboring Tibetan schools in connection with the ongoing Teacher Professional Development project. So, on Friday after my short 3 hours session at Sarah with the 6 new Religious teachers on Teacher Professional Development, I made my way to Tibetan Homes School Mussoorie in Dehradun.

Earlier, whenever I got any engagement that needed me to undertake night journey, I used to go a day in advance because if I didn’t do that I would always feel weak and sick. Lately due to these frequent journeys, I realized that I needed to force myself into sleep no matter what. Continue reading

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4th after work

After my work, I took my scooty and went straight to the Kotwali bazaar ATM machine to withdraw some money for the monthly rent and expenses for my Mussoorie official work. I turned towards Amartex on my way back for some shopping. I got call from my new found friend enquiring about dinner. I told him that I would prepare the dinner. I thought of preparing thukpa and so I did buy the ingredients from the kirpa mor veggie vendor.

Back to my room, it was kind of mess with clothes lying everywhere. I really wished to clean my room a little during my week days but could not so far! But I must say that every weekend, I used to clean up my room thoroughly. Continue reading

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Meeting with Momola


My friend momo la, bent down by ages

Every morning, while circumambulating the library, which is filled with priceless relics and monuments, I always come across elderly people, some of whom were walking with the help of their walking sticks. The momo la in the picture here is the one to whom I was most connected. Nevertheless, not even once, I dared to ask for her name and family! I had just taken her the way she was; may be the right way of choosing one’s friend? Continue reading

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Early Morning


Day break scene from my one bedroom window

Lately, there came a trend in my life when I would have distorted sleep and the next day gets spoilt. It may be because of my age.  It was said that one tends to sleep less as one grows old! Well I don’t know! Whatever, last night was one such night. In the middle of the night I could feel myself turning here and there. When I opened my eyes, the first thing I did was to count the number of hours I sleep in total including those twist and turn wake hours. Somehow it comes somewhere around 6 – 7 hours, the required amount as per many experts. Continue reading

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Meeting with Colleagues

3rd December: The day was usual except for the unprecedented encounter with my three colleagues from TCV Suja near Nechung Gompa while I was on my usual circumambulation. I looked at my watch and it was quarter to 9 am, the time my office hour starts. We stopped for a couple minutes’ conversation, through which I came to know that they had come back after having an audience with His Holiness at the main temple early in the morning.  Having heard that and taken for granted that they were tired, I took them for a cup of tea at nearby Library canteen. Three Ginger hot Lemon for them and one milk tea for me. Continue reading

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