Are You a Helicopter Parent?

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27 Panchatantra Stories for your Child


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Vacancy for the Post of Teachers

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Reflection is Helpful

Reflection or retrospection are somewhat similar in a sense that both is an act of looking back and reviewing at past events or situations, especially those in one’s own life. People from all walks of life tend to leave some rooms for improvement out of ignorance and carelessness. So, this act of indulging in retrospection always makes a better person provided that he or she creates a plan for improvement in future as nothing goes perfect at our first attempt unless one is a prodigy. For example, a businessman who indulges himself into reflection, will carefully study his business strategies carried out the previous year and detects a flaw. He then comes up with a better plan next year. In due course of time, his business will eventually shoot up. On the other hand, a businessman who does not indulge in this act, will hardly come up with new plan because there is no basis on which to buid the plan. So, reflection helps in making us better each day, each month and each year.There isn’t anyone who does not want to improve and develop. Like the example of a businessman here, same is true for people from all walks of life. Continue reading

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Creating Time

IMG_1962Nobody has free time; the only thing is that you have to create your own time for yourself by shuffling your own priorities. I too found my own free time to engage myself in doing the things I like even if it looks bit fancy to my age. I always had a craze for guitar. Right from my young age, I had that craze. Whenever I saw people playing guitar and humming their favourite songs, I used to envy them a lot and wished I could also play like them not realizing how tedious it was. Since then, I had been trying to learn one and thought of buying a guitar. Unfortunately that thought remained mere thought until now! Although the kambakth age had brought lots of change inside me but somehow it failed to diminish my long time passion and craze for this guitar. And then one fine morning, I bought one; a second hand gb&a guitar and it was perfectly fine except for the small dent somewhere on the bottom, which I thought would not affect its melody. Since it was owned by some great guitar player in Dharamsala, it would fasten my learning with his blessings.// Continue reading

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