Lesson Plan Class IX English (Beehive)   The Fun They Had
Subject: English     Class: IX      Topic: The Fun They Had         Time: 40 minutes
Learning Objectives:
The students will practice all the four language skills.
The students will learn reading strategy and apply wherever needed.
The students will understand and recall the story learnt.
Previous Knowledge Testing:
Speaking and Writing:  What do you think will be the future of schools? (Get ideas from the diagram)
What do you like about the present school? What would you like to change?
Which book do you like the more, real book or ebook? Why?
Teacher’s Activity:
What do you think is the story about? How do you infer? How does the story begin, let’s see. 
Story: The Fun They Had by Isaac Asimov. Introduce the author.
The teacher reads with proper stress and intonation. And, writes on the board important words from the story.
Margie, Diary-May 17, 2157, real book, grandfather, funny to read, waste,  attic, school, hate, geography test, county inspector, apple, an hour, slot, punch code
Dialogue Practice:
Gee, What a waste. When you are through with the book, you just throw it away, I guess. Our television screen must have had a million books on it and it’s good for plenty more. I wouldn’t throw it away.
Same with mine. Where did you find it?
In my house. In the attic.
What’s it about?
School? What’s there to write about school? I hate school.
Students’ Activity:
The students will respond to teacher’s questions.
The students read and write important points in their notebooks.
The students will practice the dialogue.
How can we improve our reading comprehension? What strategy do we use?
What is this story about? How did the story begin?
Recall the story by using the flow chart.
Read the story at home and come to class.
Lesson: The Fun They Had                           Class: IX       Date: 12th March 2020
Skills to be developed: Reading, Speaking and Writing
Learning Objectives:
The students will practice dialogue with proper stress and intonation
The students will learn new words from the text
The students will discuss and learn the story
Teacher’s Activity:
Recapitulation of the parts learnt the previous day
 (Discussion Method and peer teaching)
The teacher will take out the dialogues from the text and let students practice
The teacher will give paragraph for students to read and he asks questions
The teacher explains new words with example
Students’ Activity:
The students will respond to teacher’s questions.
The students will practice the dialogue with desk mate
The students will read the paragraph and answer the teacher’s question
They will copy important words in their notebook
They will copy their dialogue and come to class the next day.
Who is the author?
How does the future school look like?
Who were the characters in the story?
Why did Margie score poor in Geography?
What had Margie been hoping?
Copy Tommy and Margie’s dialogue and read.
Subject: English                   Class: IX              Date: 13/3/20  Topic: The Fun They Had         Time: 40 Minutes
Learning objectives:
The students will learn the story
The students will discuss and do all the exercises
Teacher Activity:
The teacher will summarize the story using graphics
The teacher will let the students discuss with their desk mate and do the exercises
The teacher will help those who need help
Students’ Activity:
The students will respond to the teacher
The students will discuss with their desk mate and do the exercises
The students will seek teacher’s help if needed
The teacher will check the notebooks
Subject: English                                                Class: IX D and S                               14th March 2020
Objective of the Class:
 Teacher and student will have one to one interaction. The students will speak and share their feeling with the teacher comfortably. This is to know each other better on the first week of the class.
Teachers’ Activity:
The teacher will distribute and sheet and let the students write:
Strength and weakness
Special Character
The teacher will call the students one by one and have a conversation.
Students’ Activity:
The students will write what the teacher told them
They will continue working on the exercises
They will come one by one and talk with the teacher
What is your weakness and strength? Continue with your strength and work on your weakness.