Have a firm belief in yourself; you will achieve your dreams

 What if I said, “We will achieve whatever we aspire for in our life?” Isn’t this a very good then? Because that is what we all want eventually and that is the reason why we are all working so hard. 

Some of us want to be rich; some of us want to be famous; some of us want to travel here and there or to faraway places; some of us want to become something specific, achieve something great: the list goes on. Even now, you probably have your own aspirations and dreams and that is why you are studying hard, isn’t it? But do you actually believe that you can achieve what you want, like this? 

The truth is, you probably do not believe you can, just like anybody else! We all have negative beliefs, limiting beliefs, and later become very sceptical; we probably lose faith, even if we utilise well all the capacities the God has given us. Do you know why? 

It is because, basically, our thoughts are negatively driven. If you don’t believe, try this right now. Pause. Reflect on how many thoughts have come into your mind over the last few hours. See how many of those were positive, and how many of those were negative. Definitely, you will have had more negative thoughts, unless you are a special person. And whether you believe or not, it is this doubt or negativity that eventually stops you from achieving your aspirations. You may no longer have the firm faith in your dreams that we had in innocence when we were small. 

Do you remember the kind of faith we had in our parents when we were kids? There wasn’t a single doubt; we were not sceptical about our parents. When our parents said jump, we would jump blindly, knowing our parents would catch us. You must be able to remember many such trusting incidents from your own life. Now, as we grow up, that faith has gradually diminished because of our experiences and surroundings. That is why we tend to be very sceptical and even cynical about everything. Even if somebody is saying good things to you, you tend to doubt the intention of the other person. It is even worse if the other person says bad things about you. So, these negative thoughts from a sceptical mind (and even our own negative beliefs formed early) may stop us from achieving our aspirations or dreams. 

Most of the successful people in this world held a firm belief that they could with effort achieve whatever they aspired to in their life. They are very affirmative about this fundamentally, and that is why they achieve it all. Of course, working hard is important. But as far as working hard is concerned, most people work hard in their lives in their own capacity. So, this is same for all, whether you are successful or not. Thus, the only difference is, our thoughts, our beliefs and our sceptical nature. If you can change your thoughts from being sceptical to perfect faith in yourself, you may be able to see the magic work for you. 

There is a book I read recently, entitled, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. In this book, she talks about ‘the secret’ everybody is looking for. And guess what, the secret is so simple that people don’t believe it can be real. Sometimes, we tend to disbelieve simple things, isn’t this true? We tend to believe when something is very difficult and majestic. So, the author was saying that whatever we want in our life is already here in this world, waiting for us to pick it up. But the problem is, we are not able to attract that result towards us. Why is this? She says we are not creating a good, firm picture of what we want in our life, in our mind. Thus there is goal for no attraction to manifest to. We are creating in our mind the pictures of things we don’t want. So, how can we possibly get the things we want! The mental picture we have in our mind (from our negative beliefs about ourselves) does not match the thing we want in our life. If the mental picture we have in our mind is vivid, strong and free from doubt, we should be able to attract the thing we want. To explain it in simple terms, if you want to become a great doctor, just create a great picture of yourself as a great doctor in your mind and have a firm belief and a childlike faith. The law of attraction will attract and make it true. 

So, that is the philosophy of The Secret. We can make it happen. Thus, have a firm belief in yourself, and be clear about your goals, and you will find ways to achieve what you desire in your life. If you want to be successful in your life, you can become successful. Please try it.

About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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1 Response to Have a firm belief in yourself; you will achieve your dreams

  1. lhakpa keyzom says:

    Beautiful writing bro! Thanks for sharing, will keep that in mind.

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