4th July 2020, our Independence Day?

Today is 4th July and Americans are celebrating today as their Independence Day. Usually, there used to be lots of celebration and public gathering all over some designated place but I wonder how that pomp and gaiety celebration would be due to this pandemic. Anyways, I remember celebrating 4th July once in Iowa State with my host family in the year 2010. Well, most of the nations have their own Independence Day and they celebrate their day with great pomp and show. I just wish our day come soon at least in my lifetime. I am very optimistic about this keeping in view the recent boycott movement towards Communist China by the world nation. In the meantime, for us Tibetans, His Holiness’ 85th birthday is round the corner and there was online preparation going on in full swing. We recently had our Amala’s Gayton celebrated online. This year was totally different. 

Tomorrow is Zamling Chesang and I got a WhatsApp message in my COVID-19 group that there would be incense burning ceremony at school Gompa at 8 am. I noted it down and shared the announcement in my block WhatsApp group. My morning routine went normal as usual. I also prepared a sumptuous lunch for all three of us. After lunch, apart from working on my presentation, there wasn’t much serious work I was involved in. So, I was browsing my mobile and suddenly saw a youtube link on my messenger. Having found it was from my reliable friend, I click the link and suddenly saw myself fully engrossed in the movie titled Tashi.

One of my friends shared this movie. The moment I got this link, I just clicked the link because I was hooked on by its title. Well, I really enjoyed watching the movie. It was a little more than 1 and a half hour but I completed the whole movie waiting for the moment where the word “Tashi” would fit in the movie. It was a really nice movie that carried a strong message of love, sacrifice, and family bonding. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. As soon as I finished watching, I shared the link on my Facebook page. Such a simple movie can be made on an important day to day life topics without having to pour lots of budgets. 

About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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1 Response to 4th July 2020, our Independence Day?

  1. lhakpa keyzom says:

    Beautiful Movie! Thanks bro for sharing. I was thinking of acha watching Radhika.

    Thank ulhakpa

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