Stay Safe! Keep in touch with your studies

Dear Students

Since the school is closed till 30th April, as directed by the school, I will be posting homework here soon.

Please visit this blog and pass it to your classmate. Stay home and take all the precautions like washing hands regularly, social distancing etc.

May this virus disappear soon and bring normalcy back!

Your teacher

Tenzin Dhargyal and Tsering Dolkar

English Holiday Assignment for all class IX Upper TCV School, Dharamsala

Dear students

Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic, so many unprecedented things come up which have to be abide by all as a preventive measure taken by the government to make sure everyone is safe, and one of which is the closure of all educational institutions.

Nevertheless, to keep you in touch with your studies, we have here some of the assignments which you will complete during your long holiday. We hope and pray that you will do these with love.

Note: You can write the homework in any of your notebooks. Don’t do everything in one day. Distribute the work evenly so that every day you have something to do.

  2. Write 2 diary entries.
  3. Write 3 articles on any interesting topics you like. (100-120 words)
  4. Write a descriptive paragraph about the place where you stay. (100-120 words) 
  1. LISTENING (Watching Youtube) Listen and write your own summary each
  1. The Sound of Music ( )
  2. The Little Girl ( )
  3. A Truly Beautiful Mind ( )
  4. The Road Not Taken ( )
  5. Wind ( )
  6. The Lost Child ( )
  7. The Adventures of Toto ( )


Write a dialogue having at least 150 words and practice at home.


Please keep reading books or articles every day. Note down the title in your book.

Enjoy a safe holiday. Help your parents and keep in touch with your studies.

Good Wishes from your teachers.

Miss. Tsering Dolkar

Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal

Enquiry and help: 9736797927


About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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2 Responses to Stay Safe! Keep in touch with your studies

  1. Sonam choedon says:

    Sorry sir can u please remember the diary entries

    • tenzindhar says:

      Dear Sonam Choedon la
      Tashi Delek! As far as diary entry is concerned, you just have to write two diaries on any special or sad days. All the best and take care.

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