Season’s Second Snowfall

20190122_100141.jpgWe received our season’s second snowfall on 22nd January, the first on 6th January right after the New Year. The whole Dharamsala hills are wrapped beautifully under white snow. There is nothing but white everywhere burying all the litters under. The trees which are usually occupied by the monkeys and baboons remain unattended and unencroached this time . God knows where they have taken their next refuge! At least for the time being, we are relieved from their customary nuisance. The road next to my quarter, which is once filled with honks and hustle bustle sound remain untrodden by vehicles except for few people going for their daily work and the errands. Everybody is put within the four walls of their cozy homes, nursing their hot cup of tea circling around their heaters.

Season’s snowfall is one of the most awaited moment for children. The are always excited. Tourists from the plain areas are the ones who are the most excited of all. Right from the early dawn, they have come in their cars to have a glimpse of snow, feel the snow and capture this rare moments both in their mobiles and hearts and return home the very day. Even the dogs are no less than our children who love playing in the snow and feeling the snow on their body no matter how many times they are shooed away by their parent’s helicopter parenting.

Whenever we have snowfall here, it always reminds me of my days in USA, especially winter’s time at the University of Northern Iowa where we used to receive knee-deep fluffy snow and I find myself braving the snow for my early morning shift in the University bakery when literally other students are wrapped in their cozy beds Grrr.. dreaming! No way could I play in the snow and make snowman. Uhh.. Those were the days; I should say tough times and I should always revisit again and again so that I could see how blessed I am at present, full freedom to play in the snow!

I am scribbling this journal on my laptop, sitting beside a window through which I could see the white flakes of snow falling silently. From the other window I could hear and see our local dogs ” Boo – boo” playing in the snow with their natural multicolored furs turned as white as snow. The tiny plants which are standing tall on normal days, all dropping down burden with thick patches of snow on them and hardly moving. The houses’ roofs are all drapped with white snow. The snow has a powerful spell on everyone that comes on its way.

For us, snowfall is a small feast for our eyes, fun time playing and making snowman, going out and feeling the snow on our body, which are all welcoming. There are parts in our country where snowfall is not welcoming. Recent snowfall and avalanche in Northern part of India especially in Ladakh area had consumed lots of lives. Gosh! It has also brought the usual life to standstill in worst hit areas. Let us not forget the lesson it is teaching. It teaches us never to underestimate nature’s unleashed power. Truly said, there is always a good and a bad side.

About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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7 Responses to Season’s Second Snowfall

  1. Tsewang Rinzin says:

    Dear Genla,
    Its great joy to read your beautifully written journal. I really love it. Some of the sentence remind me of your class. Hope more will be coming soon. Wish you and your family an advance happy Losar.

  2. Demchok says:

    Dear Genla,

    As it endlessly rains for night and day, making smooth noise that makes one sleeps more, I see half of the mountains have already covered with snow as I peep from the windows nearby me.
    And started reading your piece, through which, I could imagine the snowflakes falling in the woods, and it is like enjoying a cup of tea in the cold, not only did it brings a sense of appreciation and smile, but also came to know you more through the recalled memories. Beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing, always love it. Please keep on writing your feelings and thoughts…

  3. Dolma Choezom says:

    Wow Genla, it’s Beautifully written. I really enjoyed each n every sentence. You have described everything so beautifully that makes me feel that I am just right there in Dhasa enjoying the scenery of snawfall though it’s raining heavily here in Dheradun.
    Love it and looking forward for more.
    Thanks for sharing.

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