Reflection is Helpful

Reflection or retrospection are somewhat similar in a sense that both is an act of looking back and reviewing at past events or situations, especially those in one’s own life. People from all walks of life tend to leave some rooms for improvement out of ignorance and carelessness. So, this act of indulging in retrospection always makes a better person provided that he or she creates a plan for improvement in future as nothing goes perfect at our first attempt unless one is a prodigy. For example, a businessman who indulges himself into reflection, will carefully study his business strategies carried out the previous year and detects a flaw. He then comes up with a better plan next year. In due course of time, his business will eventually shoot up. On the other hand, a businessman who does not indulge in this act, will hardly come up with new plan because there is no basis on which to buid the plan. So, reflection helps in making us better each day, each month and each year.There isn’t anyone who does not want to improve and develop. Like the example of a businessman here, same is true for people from all walks of life.

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A teacher needs to undertake this reflection because, first of all it is an important means of professional development; secondly he or she is directly involved in teaching the young minds because teaching these young minds are not easy neither is there is  one-size-fits all approach. Teaching is a skill that has to be developed through practice. A teacher’s main duty is to make the children understand what he or she is teaching them. What good is there if students don’t understand what the teacher is teaching! Thus, this act of doing reflection by a teacher is one way of developing this skill. A teacher should infact be doing this everyday after his or her lessons are done and find how much children have understood; which method has worked well; what has wrong in your teaching and what is children’s aptitude. A good teacher is the one who reflects upon his or her teaching and makes a new plan on the basis of the reflection done. Gradually, that teacher can make his or her children understand more thereby making children happier and the teacher more confident and satisfied.

There are different ways through which a teacher can easily carry reflection. Teachers can collect genuine feedback from their children about their teaching. They can also do recording of their teaching since these days various gadgets are easily accessible. They can also do peer observation with like-minded colleagues. There is also journal writing. They can also seek professional help from senior teachers or refer to various literatures about best practices. There may be other ways of doing reflection too.

Truly said, “ Whatever one does  out of one’s own willingness, there is always happiness and acceptance.” The moment someone passes a decree or direction, one tends to lose willingness and acceptance in whatever one undertakes. Last but not the least, kindly do reflection not out of compulsion but out of sheer necessity and happiness.

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  1. Yangchen says:

    This is indeed true gen la:)

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