Creating Time

IMG_1962Nobody has free time; the only thing is that you have to create your own time for yourself by shuffling your own priorities. I too found my own free time to engage myself in doing the things I like even if it looks bit fancy to my age. I always had a craze for guitar. Right from my young age, I had that craze. Whenever I saw people playing guitar and humming their favourite songs, I used to envy them a lot and wished I could also play like them not realizing how tedious it was. Since then, I had been trying to learn one and thought of buying a guitar. Unfortunately that thought remained mere thought until now! Although the kambakth age had brought lots of change inside me but somehow it failed to diminish my long time passion and craze for this guitar. And then one fine morning, I bought one; a second hand gb&a guitar and it was perfectly fine except for the small dent somewhere on the bottom, which I thought would not affect its melody. Since it was owned by some great guitar player in Dharamsala, it would fasten my learning with his blessings.//
So lately I have been practicing; not every night but sometimes. With the help from YouTube tutorial, I take my lessons. I can now play few Tibetan songs which have simple major chords. And this new craze somehow keeps me happy and occupied after my office hour. Sometimes, I got over excited and practiced long hours resulting ultimately in finger ache, which I guess many of the guitarists had gone through. And this is not a big deal in every learning stage. I consoled myself saying “without pain, no gain”. ‘It is never too late to start anything’ and this maxim always pushes me to move forward in accomplishing my childhood passion, which remained unfulfilled even to this day.
Like I have said, nobody has free time. The only thing is you have to create your own by rearranging your priorities. And here I am doing without any complain. So, create your time and


About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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2 Responses to Creating Time

  1. annacitrino says:

    Tenzin, we got your note on the PIE site that said you’re visiting Delhi. You can connect up with us at the school here.

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