Meeting with Momola


My friend momo la, bent down by ages

Every morning, while circumambulating the library, which is filled with priceless relics and monuments, I always come across elderly people, some of whom were walking with the help of their walking sticks. The momo la in the picture here is the one to whom I was most connected. Nevertheless, not even once, I dared to ask for her name and family! I had just taken her the way she was; may be the right way of choosing one’s friend?

She could neither hear well nor could she speak , the age has taken its toll on her. Time has made her bend down, despite that she had never given up the habit of circumambulating the library. By the time I reached the library, she would have done 6 or 7 rounds. I would pat on her back; she would look up and say something which I could not understand. Then we would go for a cup of tea at Library café. I would pay the bill and trust me, I feel great. My mother is no younger than her. And talking with her in sign language most of the time, made me feel I was talking with my mom.

About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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