4th after work

After my work, I took my scooty and went straight to the Kotwali bazaar ATM machine to withdraw some money for the monthly rent and expenses for my Mussoorie official work. I turned towards Amartex on my way back for some shopping. I got call from my new found friend enquiring about dinner. I told him that I would prepare the dinner. I thought of preparing thukpa and so I did buy the ingredients from the kirpa mor veggie vendor.

Back to my room, it was kind of mess with clothes lying everywhere. I really wished to clean my room a little during my week days but could not so far! But I must say that every weekend, I used to clean up my room thoroughly.
Any ways, after putting my personal stuff in my room, I went down to his room with the thukpa ingredients. As usual, he was enjoying his daily peg and it was Rum, which was supposed to keep you warm. That’s their saying! Whatever, I put the things in his kitchen and he had prepared tea because he knew I was not drinking. But, the idea of Rum sound good, so I took one peg from his quarter bottle. While nursing my small peg, I started preparing the thukpa.
Due to my practice, the thukpa turned out well. Normally, my friend would always tell me to wait until he finished his pegs completely. But today, before he could say anything, I somehow managed to convince him to have thukpa first and while it was hot. To my delight, he listened and we both had a bowl full of hot thukpa. It was better than the two three pegs of Rum.
Here I am myself in my own room, scribbling down my feelings. For the next couple of hours till I go to bed, I would be busy brushing up my next day’s presentation at Sarah. And of course to prepare dough for the next day’s breakfast, which I promised to my friend. The previous day, I served him Roti and omelette and it seemed that he especially liked my Roti! Lol

About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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1 Response to 4th after work

  1. phunrap2009 says:

    I am a student here in Delhi University and one of those people who reads your blog regularly. You are quite inspiring…especially the way you try find beauty in every small incidents come across our life. And of course, your continues flow of writing…

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