Meeting with Colleagues

3rd December: The day was usual except for the unprecedented encounter with my three colleagues from TCV Suja near Nechung Gompa while I was on my usual circumambulation. I looked at my watch and it was quarter to 9 am, the time my office hour starts. We stopped for a couple minutes’ conversation, through which I came to know that they had come back after having an audience with His Holiness at the main temple early in the morning.  Having heard that and taken for granted that they were tired, I took them for a cup of tea at nearby Library canteen. Three Ginger hot Lemon for them and one milk tea for me.

Since the time was about to Office hour, there were cluster of people around the premises of the Library, sharing their events past and future. There were few elderly people busy circumambulating the Library in their small groups and pairs. We took our seat near the main gate of the canteen where we could get sun light. Our short little conversation took us from the 20 years service, which they had completed this year to the current condition of our school.

Gradually people started going to their respective departments and offices.  I hurriedly bottom up my cup of tea and cleared the bill. Lhakyi la, one of them loves capturing every special moment in her tab, suggested for a group photo. So. I took her near the Library gate which was filled with beautiful designs. We had to spend few minutes waiting for someone to take a group picture! Somehow, as if the God had sent, there came a man and so we asked for his favor, which he did happily. Here is the picture with myself in the middle of three ladies! Lovely start of the day!

I bad then good bye and went straight to my office. I extended my whirl of apologies to my boss and my lovely colleagues.

I was asked to give one session TPD presentation to the newly recruited religious teachers, whose workshop was presently going on at Sarah.  I prepared some ppt for that.  It would be my second presentation, the first one was a couple of months back for the newly recruited Music teachers.  I am bit excited for that day!

The lunch at Chethab (Common Mess) was rice, Bok Choy, Dal and Tingmo. My colleagues and I ate around one table enjoying our petty little pocking business here and there. LOL  The afternoon tea was great relief. The Library staff was enjoying their Theb-lay, in which one of my friend Dr. Chok was expert. My two colleagues joined them while I joined the conversation going on among our other friend circle.

After office, I retired to my room. First thing, I served myself a wonderful sweet tea which I took outside my balcony. Just opposite my building, there was one young boy flying kite. He was trying his best to fly his kite higher and higher. There was no good wind and I could see him push his kite stronger and stronger but each time he tried, the kite shoots downward. His struggle went on and I didn’t lost my patience but he did. He packed up his string completely and by that time my tea was finished! The darkness cast over and the lights in the nearby houses lighted up. I found my way back to my room thinking about my dinner.  Seemed to me dinner comes very soon!

I was alone in my room. Sound of the music from nearby wedding could be heard. My mobile was lying few feet away from my desk. I could hear my next door neighbor chopping something hard. I inspected my kitchen and saw my sink choked with last night’s dishes. Rations were in ample. Could not decide what to make for dinner.

I will stop here and let you guess what happened next. See ya tomorrow

About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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