Finding Neverland

The previous day, after my hard day’s work I relaxed myself for a cup of tea as soon as I reached my room.  After my usual customary things at room, I watched “Finding Neverland”, a movie based on the life of playwright JM Barie who falls in love with a widow, mother of four children.  In the movie, the main hero never misses writing his journals. Every day, he would write daily journal, which ultimately made him a great playwright. At once, I made up my mind to write atleast few journals which would keep me in touch with writing and jotting down my feelings and emotions. Earlier I had tried many to write journals but failed somehow. After watching that movie, somehow I felt the importance of writing journal so that I can share my feelings with my readers, especially my children.


So here it goes my first journal today!

2nd December,Tuesday: The sun had already entered my room, whose curtains were wide open. The time was 7:30 in the morning which was quite late as compared to other days. May be because of the late night movie watching!

After ablution, I made Alu Parantha, omelette and left over mix vegetable. I left my bed unattended and went to office, but only after turning towards Nechung monastery as usual for offering. Daily one round at LTWA makes me feel satisfied spiritually!


The work at office was all same.  My office is on top of Gangkyi ground and can enjoy the whole scene of Gangkyi. Around 9 everybody is back in their office except for people coming and going for other purposes. The lunch was Thukpa, which kind of suit the weather. I had two bowls. One hour lunch bre


ak was great relief after staying on the chair for few hours! Groups of people in their own friend circle were found basking in the sun and enjoying their daily dosage of gup-shup.

Days are getting shorter these days. The cold we once had has not yet come, thank God!  Around 5 pm by the time office closes, I came back to my room which was heated well by the sun. A cup of tea and sweet music announced my own personal time. When the darkness spread over, I move towards my balcony to enjoy the beautiful night life of the Kotwali bazaar.

IMG_1931My mood was on and I made a time consuming veggie chowmein following an elaborate procedure, with soft music accompanying me in my room. I watched “Like Crazy” an English movie I recently downloaded through utorrent. It was a love story and perfectly went went with my chowmein. I could not connect to my family today and assume they were just fine.

The night was getting dearer, lights around my neighborhood were going out one by one. It was also quiet except for the occasional barks of the dogs. The eventful day comes to an end and on the other side of the world, their eventful day starts.

My journal continues then…………….

About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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6 Responses to Finding Neverland

  1. phunrap2009 says:

    It’s very Expressive, and impressive work of describing every little things in a very beautiful way. Must say Sensational..!

  2. tenzindhar says:

    Thank you Phunrap la for being my first reader. I just made up my mind to write something everyday no matter how little. I bet you better do this, even just few lines while being hooked on to FB. The musicians were told to strum the strings once everyday no matter how busy they were! Keeping this in mind, I will write little everyday today onward

  3. Yankey says:

    Dargyal la, you have really motivated me to start writing…i have still not painted a stroke of word in my blog which i created last year! We are so used to writing technical report for project work, that finding little time to write about our own life in free flowing manner is a lost art……

    • tenzindhar says:

      Yangkey la, i know we have been writing volumes of pages when it comes to our technical work but as you have said very little about our personal lives, feelings and emotions! Well its never too late to start. Lets keep writing everyday, even it is just few lines! Will be looking forward to seeing ur blog soon! Besties

  4. Dharma Kyab says:

    Sir, can i have the permission to reblog? Let more people to read it, especially for your ex_students,,,,,, they will love to hear it,,,,,

  5. tenzindhar says:

    Thank you Dharma for the likes. I wish you all the best in your studies. Appreciate your creativity and the energy! Keep it up!

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