Early Morning Walk in NCERT Campus

Pic 20 - CIET, NCERT 211th June 2013

I got up from my bed at 6am, something which never happened in my life lately as I was not an early rise. The voice of my teacher advising me to go for a morning walk played in my mind. So, without wasting any time, I hurriedly finished my morning ablutions and left my room.

I took the stairs instead of the elevator this time to be sure it was purely organic, and came out from NIE guest house, where we all Tibetan TGTs were accommodated.

It was really a fine morning, early morning breeze which was absent during the day time was blowing quietly from all directions, bringing some relief to all the things which had been tormented by the midday heat. Sweet fragrances were driven into my nose by the breeze. There were staff quarters on either side of my path and from some houses came the smell of Poori and Rajmah! So many people, from different walks of life, people from young to old were walking in this huge NCERT campus. There were small gardens too where I could see people doing Baba Ramdev’s Anulom Milom. At one corner, there was a man who had taken his foreign bred dog for a walk with him. The dog was very tall and could reach somewhere near the owner’s chest. The man was somewhat limping occasionally and that reminded me of the lesson I had learnt in class IX English text book, a lesson about a dog named Duke.

I started my walk from NIE guest room towards the main gate. There was very few traffic. There were people cycling and walking with Tiffin in their hands. The noise was almost absent that time except for the airplanes which kept flying over my head. There were young couples as well as elder couples with their small kids, wearing an ever loving smile. The picture reminded me of my little children whom I had left behind. I just wished they could be with me here at this very moment.

My morning walk was coming to an end as I was about to complete one circumambulation as I could see the main building of the NIE guest house. Throughout the walk, while enjoying the scenery around me, I kept murmuring my prayers and swaying my body. It was after all a very memorable walk that too around NCERT campus.

Had it not been my teacher who had told us to go for morning walk, I would have missed all these beautiful scenes.

Back home, I took a quick shower and started scribbling down these feelings before it disappeared from my memory. I made a pledge to go for morning walk if not every day but at least every alternate day!

About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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1 Response to Early Morning Walk in NCERT Campus

  1. Hello genla,
    As always I love reading your every essay and for that I would like to thank you.i always wish to be your student but never got the opportunity. Anyhow by reading all these I think i will gain something . We all love to read your writing again . THANK YOU SO MUCH…:)

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