My Metro Ride


Whenever I come to Delhi, I usually prefer traveling in a metro because of two reasons; first  it helps me get to my destination without getting lost as I haven’t got good sense of direction and secondly the joy of seeing different people from all walks of life squeezed in a cabin.

I have not got such urge to jot my feelings earlier like I have got today but I have always had the idea of jotting my experience of metro ride in the back of my mind. Well I boarded the metro bound for Kashmere gate, the major intersection. Since it was the peak hour of the day especially on a working day, there were huge crowd. I was waiting at Rohini East terminal. The metro came with its ever charming “BEEP” and stopped and waited for the commuters who were by now looking anxious for the fear of getting late for their work. There wasn’t much problem getting in the capsule. Once boarded, it was as usual always a fun for me.

Some people were wearing a long face right from the morning and I really wonder how he or she would pass rest of the day. I tried to find the reasons of their long faces to myself and said, “What a pity! ”. Some people with their shining morning faces looked ever more energetic with various deodorant and perfumes, which even made me curse myself for my casualness. There were few ladies in the compartment I was in and they were with their male escorts. I looked at the ladies compartment and except for few, it looked  as if there was some fashion show coz there were various outfits from various brands. It was really good sending my eyes in the compartment. I was just counting the money they had spent on those clothes and imagining how much they have pestered their relatives and parents for buying those.

Talking about the conversations I overheard, it was even more fun. The guy standing beside me, thinking myself not knowing Hindi trying to praise himself so much. I could guess that he was talking with a girl he had a crush. Some of the people were talking so loudly and everybody turned their faces to him but he was totally unperturbed! “ Open the D drive. DO you see this folder? Ok right click. No No” someone was talking. May be he must be working in Nehru Place or some. Some boys were talking quietly and there were some big smiles on their faces. While some people were quarreling in the phone, while some were texting.

I spent the whole journey looking here and there and eavesdropping but I didn’t harm anyone. To me, the one that I enjoyed most was the young boy and girl taking out their books and discussing the lessons. They were not showing out coz I could see them fully engrossed in their constructive discussion. There were also some who were like me  but far worse, gazing at co-passengers.

During my roughly 40 minutes of travelling, I could see a little world itself in the compartment. Finally I heard the speaker saying, “The next station is Kashmere Gate, change here for Red line”. I said to myself, “What a life!”. I got off and joined the flock to the next change.

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English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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1 Response to My Metro Ride

  1. Yankey says:

    it really invigorated me amid boredom and workload at the office…Beautifully written in simple English 🙂

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