SOS Calling

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It was the night of 14th November, Children’s Day. In the middle of the night I was woken up somehow. Later I came to know that the loud cry from a puppy had woken me from my sleep. I looked at my watch. It was 1:30 a.m. I was still lying in my cozy bed and could not dare even to go and answer nature’s call. Reluctantly, I got up and pointed my flash light through the window so that I could have a glimpse of the puppy who was crying. Unfortunately, I could not see anything except the cry which grew louder and more desperate then.

I started asking myself whether to go out and respond to the call of this puppy or not. Suddenly my wife and my daughter also got up because of that consistent cry while I went back in my cozy bed. I just wanted to see if my wife was ready to help the puppy who was in problem. So, I casually asked my wife to go out and help the dog thinking she would vehemently say “No”. But to my surprise, she only said she was afraid of going out. Then I thought she was at least ready to help the dog provided that she had a company. So, I told her that I would help her go out and answer the call of the puppy.

The cry of the puppy was peculiar which showed that the puppy was either cold or had fallen in a ditch in that cold night.  Before going out so many inaudible conversations were going in my mind, whether to go out in the cold night especially at the wee hour or ignore and let the puppy die helplessly. After much introspection, I made up my mind to go out because a couple of days back two puppies had died because of cold weather in our school itself. That was the time for me to show whether I really practice what I had been told from my religion to help those who are in need. Finally we went out quietly with our flash light. Prior to this, I had checked my kitchen to see if there was anything left for that puppy. There wasn’t any leftover food as my good girls had already bottomed up our dinner. After searching for few minutes, luckily I found a piece of bread that the puppy would probably eat if his call was for some food. In the mean time, my wife had checked our railing to see if there were any rags but could not find one. Any way, we finally went out. All Suja was wrapped in deathly silence except for that cry. I went ahead of her and she was following me. I pointed my flash light towards the direction where the sound was coming.

 I was wondering what actually had gone wrong with the puppy. Luckily within few minutes, my flash light hit the bull’s eye. Can you guess what had gone wrong with the puppy! Well that little puppy had fallen in the ditch filled with drainage water and two puppies were just licking him. The two puppies outside the ditch were helpless for they couldn’t pick him up. I said to myself, “Oh My God! Look at these two puppies who are just trying to console the one who was fully drenched in the ditch!”. So, I just picked him up from his neck. My wife was so happy then. And everything was over now. The three puppies went quietly thankless and as if nothing had happened. We just could not help ourselves from our controlled giggle!

Thus we headed back to our cozy room somehow satisfied. Such joy from having been able to help someone in distress! I felt so satisfied with my small and timely help sacrificing my comfort in my cozy bed. If I had ignored the call at first hand, probably I might have to bear the news of the death of the puppy the next day or I might have to live the rest of my life clicking my tongue for my indifference to that help call!

Now that was a help call from a dog particularly a puppy. Even his call was timely responded. Now the Tibetans inside Tibet are calling for help, they had not fallen in the ditch like the puppy but worse than that they had fallen into the hands of the cruel inhuman treatment of the Chinese regime. They are leading miserable lives which led them to self immolate. Their cries are much louder and more desperate than the cry of that puppy. So, the world leaders, Medias and community should come forward not from their cozy bed but from their cozy comfort zone to rescue them and respond to the despairing cries of the Tibetans inside Tibet rather being mute spectators to all these large scale distortion of human rights there.

A new version of Marc Anthony’s Speech: Icome to bury Caesar

Friends, world people and Countrymen, Lend me your ears
I came to bury the martyrs, not to praise them
The single act of self immolation they do lives after them
But the good is oft deterred with their bones
So let it be with the martyrs
The noble Hu Jintao says, they are splittists
If it were so, it was a grievous fault
And grievously had they answered it
Here under the leave of Hu Jintao and the rest
For Hu Jintao is an honorable men, so are they all, all honorable
Come I to speak in martyrs’ funeral
They were my friends, compassionate and God fearing
( yet Hu Jintao says they were terrorists
And Hu Jintao is an honorable man)
They hath burned their own bodies not others
Did this in martyrs seem terrorist?
When the world carried guns and bombs
Our martyrs carried rosaries
Terrorists should be made of sterner stuff
(Yet Hu Jintao says they were terrorists
And Hu Jintao is an honorable man)
You all did see that in Tibet since 1959
Even after hellish acts of Hu Jintao and the rest
Not a single bullet was fired back. Were they terrorists?
(Yet Hu Jintao says they were terrorists
And sure, he is an honorable man)
I speak not to disprove what Hu Jintao says
But here I am to speak what I do know
You all did love Tibet once not without a cause
What cause withhold you to speak for Tibet?
O judgment! Thou art fled to power and money
And men have lost their reason… bear with me;
My heart is there in Tibet with the martyrs,
And I must pause till it come back to me

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English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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4 Responses to SOS Calling

  1. Dechen says:

    It really awesome and I like it .

  2. Kalsang Nyima says:

    Realism i found so meaningful and it works for the people like me too. full read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. tenzindhar says:

    Thanks Dechen and Kalsang la for visiting my blog!

  4. jampa says:

    Gyanla very heart-touching…..

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