Invoking Philanthropy in Us

Today, whatever beautiful and comfortable world we are living in is all because of the hard work and sacrifices of some of the good and selfless people we had in the past, like the scientist, philosophers, social reformers etc. Those great people had undergone lots of hardship and ordeals in their lives, to give the future inhabitants of the world this beautiful and comfortable life. Had they either given up their good Samaritan at one point in their lives, or focused only on their own happiness, today the world would have been much worse than what we have now. From Thomas Edison who has given us this bulb to Alexander Graham Bell, who had invented the telephone, there are so many people to whom we should not only be thankful but also be following their footprints. The fruits of their labour are being enjoyed by us today. Ask ourselves what we do for others! We will see how much we do for others! These great people have touched the hearts of so many people because they have made our lives more comfortable than theirs.
Today the great corporate, which have lots of money and property, have started doing philanthropic work. To name few, we have Microsoft Company, Infosys, and Reliance etc who have started various foundations for the welfare of people. Why are they doing all these? They all think that touching the hearts of people by doing something good gives true happiness and satisfaction! If we see what they don’t have, we won’t see anything void in their lives. They have everything we all dream of possessing. The only thing they don’t have is the happiness and satisfaction in their lives, which do not come from fame and money. We should learn from them, the art of forgoing selfishness and working for others who are in need.
Now, it’s our turn. What can we do now? Nothing! Just try to reduce selfishness that is intact in us and do something for others’ benefit. Even if we cannot touch others’ heart like those great people by inventing something, we can at least touch others’ heart by doing something good or forgoing this “I, Me, My etc”. Some of us are so selfish, so selfish that we let everything go indifferently as long as our aim is fulfilled! We have failed to learn great lessons from those great philanthropists. They must have felt “I, Me, My” but somehow they had considered others more important and thus let go their own happiness and started working for others.
If we look into our pockets, they are all filled to its brim by receiving. Now it’s high time we start giving to others in terms of time, thoughts, concern and help. Invoking some Philanthropy in us makes lots of difference in our lives. The happiness and satisfaction we all long for comes not in being selfish but by reaching out for others. There is no need for us to be rich or great to do this as there is a saying, “There is no reap time to do the right thing”. Start thinking about others next to you and see what you can do. There are so many things you can do. In fact you will be surprised to know there are so many things you can give to others! So, invoke some philanthropy within us and live a happy and satisfactory life.
Tenzin Dhargyal

About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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1 Response to Invoking Philanthropy in Us

  1. Great Thought Dhargyal! A reminder indeed!

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