A Sad Losar Eve

A sad Losar eve
Today is the eve of Losar( Tibetan New Year). It reminded me of the good times when our parents used to be busy from head to toe preparing altar with their best and we as kids would be busy taking a glance at what was presented on the altar. There was a time when this day used to be busy shopping here and there, sneaking into somebody’s room to exchange one’s specialties and staying late into the night. How great this day used to be, full of excitement and anticipation for the first dawn of the next day when everybody would be clad in their best dresses! It has been celebrated at par with what the whole world celebrate and welcome the New Year!
But now that charm is lost. There is in fact no interest in doing all these things especially at times when our brothers and sisters are self immolating. As a part of our tradition, I am decorating the altar but now it was not the same feeling. The pictures of our martyrs and their families hover over my head. My mind keep wondering how the families of the martyrs would be feeling especially on this day when everybody would be excited! Their sacrifices are not for their personal happiness but for the happiness of all the Tibetans. How can I ever dare to celebrate Losar like I used to in good times!
There is no special joy today like I used to have earlier. There is a deep devoid in my heart. I don’t mind forgoing this Losar for the sake of our brothers and sisters in Tibet. My heart is fully with them. There will be lots of Losar to be celebrated in future once we regain our freedom. Tibetans all over the world are requested not to celebrate Losar this year and this is the thing we can do at least when people in Tibet are playing with their precious lives.
For me there is no Losar. I will pray for them. I will put myself in their place and try to feel their situation in this free country. My sincere condolences go towards the family members of our martyrs. May their sacrifices bear fruit and may their sacrifices not go in vain!

About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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