Cry of an Exile Brother

Cry of an exile brother
The gloomy weather here in my place coincides
With what is happening inmy country,Tibet.
Like the cold wave that has swept all over this place
The Chinese repression has swept all over my country,Tibet.
To protest this unjust policy
My country men are immolating
Calling for His Holiness in Tibet
And the freedom for Tibet.
The whole plateau of Tibet
Is overflowing with these words,
Enough to be heard even by deaf.
Why can’t the Chinese hear!
People of my age are laying their lives in Tibet
Not one not two but scores
I just keep counting their deaths!
Oh why am I so meek
Like the kids?
I run short of words to express my respect and
Reverence to these martyrs.
I could feel how much suffering they have to bear,
Even a prick of a needle get on
MY nerves!
Oh my dear brothers and sisters,
Our bodies are here in exile but
Our hearts are there with you beside your corpses.
My heart aches when news of immolations
Enter my two tiny ears.
How much struggle you have carried
Day in and day out, that too
Right in front of the sophisticated  guns
While I am breathing the exile air
For thirty something, longing for some native air!
My father died waiting in vain,
My wrinkled mother hoping to breath her last in Tibet
Every day she prays.
Alas! Don’t worry there is always
a thin silver lining for every black cloud
Your names will be written in blood
In the history of our country
Our children and grand children
Will lament your names in prayers
My real heroes!
Another night has crept in
I feel really hesitant to sleep
For the fear of another immolation news!
Om Mani Padme Hum!

About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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6 Responses to Cry of an Exile Brother

  1. Kunga says:

    Nicely written with vivid melancholy expression, but you intension added la in between the mani

  2. tenzin2011 says:

    Thanks kunga la. Regarding the La in between the Mani and Padme, its just the typing mistake. I have edited that thanks.
    I will be reading your blog if you have one.

  3. Tenzin Dekyi says:

    Ghen la, truly well expressed….our’s too….thank you so much! love to visit this blog; Rangmoe Tsorwa.

  4. ansuyo says:

    How sad and understandably mournful. It is difficult to grieve such atrocities, but you poem expresses it well.

  5. tenzin2011 says:

    Thanks for your comment.

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