Today is Monday, my third day at school after returning from the Kalachakra at Bodh Gaya. The cold weather still prevails because of the snow-clad mountains which surrounds the school from one end. The spirituality inside me which is still fresh from the Kalachakra was once again was awaken by today special prayer held in the school hall to show our solidarity for our brave brothers and sisters in Tibet, who had and have been laying their precious lives for our common cause. The special prayer was attended by all the staff and students infront of His Holiness’ Photo brightened up by few thousand butter lamps.
The intense and harsh cold here is just like the harsh condition prevailing inside Tibet, our Mother land. The Chinese do not hesitate to crush the peaceful protesters with their full might leading to death of few Tibetans. I fear once again the same sad episode of 2008 may come. Its high time Chinese realized their bad administration instead of blaming His Holiness and Exile Tibetans for the protest. Our brothers and sisters had no alternatives but to immolate themselves. Their immolations are not for their own benefit but for our common cause. I can understand how desperate they feel when they have to take such extreme steps. Young monks and nuns self immolating one after another really calls for us to do something, not just to think of ourselves but for our common cause. I really find these brave acts call for some mass and global protest, a huge protest which will shake the Chinese regime. People all over are saying that it’s a call from Tibetans inside Tibet and we must heed to it.
Kalon Tripa had officially requested the Tibetans to forgo Losar celebration to show our solidarity. He had also set feb 8th this year to mark as a global Tibetan protest. I am looking forward to this day and hope the protest works well and hope it sends a strong message for the Chinese government.
My mind goes over all these matters and it pains me a lot when people of my age keep sacrificing their precious lives.
The prayer session ended at lunch time, we all prayed sincerely. The school Director also gave a brief speech before the prayer about this special event. I feel quite relieved having done something today as a Tibetan for those who are risking their lives in our motherland.

About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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