End of the Academic Session

Right now I am in the staff computer lab with some of my colleagues, all male staff and the wall clock above me is showing exactly 10:50 pm. Due to the cold winter outside, the door of the lab is closed but from the small crevice, I could see a big brown dog munching a big bone thrown by one of my colleague.From that crevice, cold breeze is coming and slying attacking my feet.The whole Suja school is wrapped in silence and in the deep arm of sleep. Only us, the nocturnals are just fiddling over the computers. SOme of us are putting the results while some of us are busy browsing the online shopping and facebook. We are also exchanging small gupshups.
It is totally a new experience working in the night.Because of the deathly silence, even our low pitch conversation, raging from school to wild world sounds so loud in the lab which is 4/4 square metres.
Some noises can be heard from the upstair where we have the big school hall Phuntsok Deshi, from where we just had a farewell dinner to 4 of my colleagues, who are leaving Suja for good.A couple of hours back, I was there enjoying the warm thentuk, infront of a large LCD showing our class VII and VIII drama. The thentuk must have some done some miracle coz my legs can bare the cold breeze coming from the crevice. Since I start writing this small piece,I saw few teachers leaving the lab and bading us gud nite. It seems I shuld also say gudnite here coz its getting deeper into the night and even if my legs can handle the coldness, my fingers start aching not because of typing but because of the cold which seems to be invading the small lab.I don’t see any kind of complain from my colleagues on the either sides.I dont want to compete with them, I just want to give up and retire to my cozy bed. I can also hear the night watchman whistling and signaling us he is at work. So, I stop here.NITE!

About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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