Emotionally Disturbed

Sad news is coming one after another fromTibet. My brothers there are self immolating and it has become their new protest mode. So far, seven Tibetans including young ones had offered their precious life by setting themselves in fire. Who will take such drastic steps! Unless one is totally frustrated, no one will ever take these extreme steps. My brothers there in Tibet are the ones who are real victims of the Chinese’s atrocities. They were so much frustrated with the present Chinese regime that they had to take such extreme steps. I can vividly feel what kind of feeling they are having. Even if they pass the day, they face difficulty passing the night. While I am here enjoying the breath of freedom, free from any kind of fear.

For me, my life is precious. I guess they, the brave men and monks who set themselves on fire also consider life precious. People like me even can’t bear the little pain from pricking our fingers! Forget about setting ourselves in fire. I truly believe those brothers who sacrificed their lives are heroes. They sacrificed their precious personal happiness for the greater cause of our country. I have no words to say how much I respect them.

I consider their present brave act as a sign for us, who are in exile to be united and do something for ourTibet, who is still suffering in the Iron grip. We, the exile Tibetans must do something. When our brothers and sisters are taking such life threatening steps, right under the nose of the Chinese bullets, we must out do them. The most extreme threat will be one being detained in the cell, there is no fear of losing one’s precious life.

I myself have made a pledge to make my younger generation feel aboutTibetand arouse in them the love of our nation. In my capacity as a humble teacher, I pledge to make my students a good Tibetan and make them do something forTibet. I have already made pledge not to make those sacrifices in vain. The Chinese really have to pay a heavy price for such loss. For Tibetans, each and every life is precious.

Unlike the precious mass gathering, this time I hope there will be momentum. Tibetans all over the world will be taking protest this month and next month. I wish and hope we will receive the world’s attention and unanimously raise voice against the present Chinese regime.

I humble pray Justice be done!

About tenzindhar

English Teacher Tibetan Children's Village School, Dharamsala H.P.-176216
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3 Responses to Emotionally Disturbed

  1. tenzin2011 says:

    testing testing testing\

  2. Hi genla!
    It was really nice going through your page and I appreciate your beautiful and well written poems.Even I like poems and whenever I feel good I just grab a pen and a paper to write something. I tried making blogs for myself but somehow I couldn’t complete it. If you happen to join coming workshop then could you please help me in making one? Anyways have a nice day!

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